Revisiting The Stars Of The Past – Celebrities That We All Grown To Love And What They Are Up To Now


The French actress and model Brigitte Bardot enjoyed her heyday during the 1950s up until the late 60s. During these years, she’s considered a sex symbol and she pretty much became the founding pillar of what modern day liberated women looks like. There’s even a point in time that she’s dubbed as “the most liberated woman in post-war France.” Bardot retired from the entertainment industry in 1973.

She has appeared in 47 films, performed in several musicals and recorded more than 60 songs. In 1985 she was awarded the Legion of Honour, but refused to accept it. After retirement, she became an animal rights activist. In the early 70s, Bardot decided to step away from the limelight and spent most of her time dealing with lawyers and advocating animal rights. Its been a couple of decades since we saw her prime but even to this date, her name is still a key figure in today’s pop culture.