Star-Studded Voyagers: Celebrities And Their Yachts

Some people find their passion for collecting different kinds of items like figurines, books, merchandise, glasses, and shoes – especially if they are limited edition collectors’ items. Celebrities are no exception to this passion for making a collection of particular items. With their stack full of fortunes, some of these celebrities go out of their way to buy themselves a yacht.
In a sense, yachts are almost like small cities that can cruise through the seas. More often than not, the lowest value a yacht can have is around the range of tens of millions, with superyachts being at the hundreds of millions. With the many luxurious commodities, like the bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining halls, that come with a yacht, it comes with no surprise that their selling price is often more than our home and student loans combined. With that said, celebrities earn more than enough from their projects that, after buying themselves a yacht, they can still engage in their other day-to-day hobbies, interests, and even investments. And now, without further ado, let’s talk about the celebrities who have owned a yacht!


One of the most popular celebrities and talk show hosts, Oprah Winfrey, has gone through quite a journey to achieve where she is today. Before her star was even shining, Oprah struggled through many hardships for most of her childhood, often working to earn a decent amount to pay for her personal loans. And after all her hard work, Oprah’s career shone brighter and the rest, as they say, is history.

Oprah Winfrey has spent a hefty amount of it for charity programs with her hard-earned fortunes and even gave her show’s crew a vacation in Hawaii at one point. But the TV personality also saved some for herself and bought a $300-million-dollar yacht named Trending. Although Oprah owns it, she allows other people to use Trending for a weekly rent of $210,000.


The mother of the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling, is one of the most well-known authors today. She deserves some credit for her hard work and perseverance. After she finished writing the first manuscript of Harry Potter, JK Rowling was first rejected by 12 publishers before her book was finally approved by Bloomsbury – a true-to-life case of “If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again.”

Unlike in the wizarding world that the author created, there are no flying cars or brooms in the real world – yet. Among the many transportation sources that the author has purchased included a yacht, which she got from actor Johnny Depp in 2015 for $27 million. After a year, JK Rowling placed the ship back for sale with an asking price of $19 million, while allowing sailors an approximate $130,000 weekly rent.


Kendall Jenner became a well-known figure thanks to the family reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Outside of her career as a TV personality and model, Kendall Jenner has made a few investments in the fashion and beauty business and started a career as a photographer – her first published work was for the magazine LOVE’s sixteenth-anniversary issue.

For her 19th birthday, Kendall Jenner decided to take a few weeks off to celebrate. Along with her friends, Jenner rented a yacht called the Axioma. Throughout the cruise, the birthday girl and company had access to the ship’s many commodities like the swimming pool, Jacuzzi deck with bar, the gym, and 3D cinema while receiving service from its top-grade crew of 20 people. In recent news, the Axioma is on the market for approximately $80 million.


Paul David Hewson, who is popularly known as Bono, is the frontman of the famous band U2. He has collaborated with many iconic artists like Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, and Frank Sinatra through the years. But before he started his career as U2’s singer, Bono used to work at a gas station to accommodate his daily needs. And with a nickname like Bono, rooted from the Latin word “bona vox,” which means “good voice,” it was only a matter of time before Hewson finally got to make his talents shine.

Outside of his music career, Bono would frequent his yacht, Kingdom Come. This beautiful ship is like a moving castle with its passengers living like royalty. This is all thanks to its fancily-designed rooms and halls, swimming pool, and hobby equipment like snorkeling gear and kite surfers.


One of the icons that redefined fashion from top to bottom through his works is Calvin Klein. He is now one of the most successful fashion designers to grace the fashion industry. But for his success, perhaps a portion of the credit goes to his childhood friend and a lost Bonwit Teller buyer. With the $10,000 his friend gave him, Klein rented a hotel’s workroom and sold the women’s coats that he designed. And after a lost buyer stumbled across Calvin Klein’s room, his fame only pointed towards two directions – above and beyond.

Fashionably, Calvin Klein also owns the yacht, Vantage, where he hosts his many parties with celebrities, models, and fellow millionaires. The ship can accommodate up to 12 guests with its lovely interior design, six cabins, hot tubs, and the many bars located in its structure.


Beyonce is familiar with success. She was once a member of the best-selling girl group and later had an equally rewarding solo career.With her talent in singing and dancing first discovered in her childhood years, it is safe to say that Beyoncé already started helping her parents on matters like their home and personal loans at a very young age. And after all her hard work, using her talents, Beyoncé is now one of the most successful artists in the music industry.

For more than a couple of years already, Beyoncé is happily married to rapper Jay-Z. For her 32nd birthday, Jay-Z bought Beyoncé the 70-million-dollar, 213-foot yacht, Galactica Star. This lovely ship also comes with its own helipad, a sundeck, a duplex beach club, a swimming pool, a sauna, and can accommodate up to 12 guests with its crew of 13 people.


Among many fashion designers, Giorgio Armani is considered one of the most influential in the fashion industry. He has inspired other famous brands throughout his career. And with his top-class fashion designs, Armani received credit for being the core reason behind the Italian city Milan’s rise in worldwide attention as a leading fashion center. Furthermore, the fashion designer is also an active patron for his home country, Italy, providing kits for their police officers and sewing taxi drivers’ clothes.

As of today, he is considered one of the best fashion designers in the world. George Armani changed the definition of men’s and women’s wear and redefined luxury. Though Armani is well-known for his clothing line, his creativity knows no bounds. For his 60-million-dollar yacht, Main, Armani provided his artistic touches to its interior design. The ship features a cinema, a gym, six cabins, and a 14-person crew to accommodate 14 guests.


Before David Gilmour became a notable member of the iconic rock band, Pink Floyd, he went through a couple of rough patches in his career. For more than 50 years, David Gilmore has been a leading artist, using guitars as a primary tool to write some of the most recognized songs in the history of rock music. At one point, Gilmour didn’t even have enough money to afford to fill the gas tank of his former band’s van. Luckily, he didn’t give up. And with his newfound success in the band, Pink Floyd, David Gilmour’s fame shined crazily bright like a diamond.

With his love for music and traveling, David Gilmour decided to combine the two with his very own floating recording studio, the Astoria. Though it is now permanently anchored at the Hampton’s River Thames, many of Gilmour’s solo and Pink Floyd’s records were produced in the ship. Besides a recording studio, the Astoria also includes three cabins, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a large main saloon.


One interesting fact about David and Victoria Beckham is that before the two first met in person, David Beckham and his friends saw the music video for Spice Girls’ Say You’ll Be There. While they were watching, David pointed at Victoria, saying that he’ll stay with her for the rest of their lives when he does meet her. And when the two finally met, Victoria felt a strong connection with the football player after discovering that, just like her, Beckham would always look after his family above all else.

After 21 years of marriage, the romantic history of Victoria and David Beckham have been recorded in history. Whenever the couple isn’t working on the investments they made in the fashion business, they would often spend quality family time on their yacht, Seafair, which is also nicknamed “The Sophisticated Lady.” The ship includes a gym, a salon, a galley, and can accommodate eight guests.


Among the many designers whose degree of creativity exceeded above only clothes and fashion products is Roberto Cavalli. Throughout his career, Cavalli has lent his creative vision for many projects, like providing the design of Coke’s limited edition bottles in 2008. Though Cavalli has also showcased his works as a photographer, his fashion line isn’t something that should be overlooked – he has designed costumes for artists like Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and the Spice Girls to wear in their tours and concerts.

Wonder what Batman’s Batboat would look like in real life? Then look no further than Roberto Cavalli’s Batmobile-inspired yacht, the Freedom. The ship has two decks, a master and guest cabins, and can accommodate at least six guests and crew. Although its exterior is reminiscent of the Dark Knight’s signature vehicle, the interior has Cavalli written all over its style.


One of the NBA’s best basketball players, Tony Parker, has also been given credit for redefining the image of French basketball. Well-known for his time playing with NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker has also been a significant factor behind his national team’s first-ever victory in the 2013 European championship, which became a significant milestone in France’s basketball history.

In addition to enjoying life, Parker is running his own business. In fact, he started preparing long before he retired. After all of the fortune Tony Parker has earned throughout his career, he has accumulated more than enough for him and his family to have their very own luxurious yacht, the Kando 110. Designed by the Turkish yacht company, AvA, Kando 110 features five staterooms and a double stateroom for the VIP, a sky lounge, a six-person spa, a saloon, a barbecue area, and can accommodate up to 12 guests.


Another icon among the many designers in the fashion business is Diane von Furstenberg. Her works radiate confidence and beauty. During her earlier years, her father, Leon Halfin, helped her when she was still making investments for her first fashion center. With her iconic wrap dress becoming a worldwide sensation the moment it was available in the market, Diane’s brand and works have undoubtedly paid off and led her to create more designs that further improved upon the previous ones.

Her career is also an inspirational one: in the 1970s, she realized the American dream with a signature wrap dress; in the 1990s, she made a comeback to rebuild her own fashion empire. Diane and her husband, Barry Diller, purchased their own yacht with her hard-earned fortunes, the EOS. Not only does the ship provide the best view of the sunrise and sunset, but EOS also provides the most luxurious and comfortable experience its passengers can have.


Nicole Kidman started her career as an actress at a fairly young age. When she was 4 years old, she appeared on the screen for the first time and played a supporting role in “BashChristmas”. Although it did not make her famous, it strengthened Kidman’s love of acting. At age of 16, Nicole Kidman already starred in an Australian film and TV series. Eventually, after a little hard work and some luck, Kidman found herself amongst the many celebrities under the Hollywood spotlight thanks to her acting credit in films like Dead Calm, Far and Away, and To Die For.

It was only a matter of time before Nicole Kidman finally purchased her very own yacht, the Hokulani. Besides the ship, Kidman’s parents also gave her the name Hokulani, which is Hawaiian for “heavenly star.” The ship is Kidman’s favorite place to stay during the summer months, thanks to its on-deck wet bar, a galley, a saloon, and five wonderfully designed cabins.


Billy Joel Billy Joel was born in Hicksville, New York. At a very young age, Billy Joel was already honing his talents with the piano. After all, you first need to be a Piano Boy before you become a Piano Man. When he was still finding his musical identity, Billy Joel went through a wide degree of music changes. He even started a British Invasion cover band – another time, he started a heavy metal band called Attila.

Eventually, after a few hard turns in his career, Billy Joel and his songs finally achieved widespread popularity worldwide. To help manage his busy schedule, the musician bought himself a yacht, the Vendetta. The ship features many commodities that provide the utmost comfort for both its passengers and crew. But after a few years under his ownership, in 2016, Billy Joel donated the Vendetta to The International Seakeepers Society.


At first, Rafael Nadal was recognized as the nephew of the soccer player, Miguel Angel Nadal. But it didn’t take long for the world to see him as one of the best tennis players to ever play on the court. Among the many achievements Nadal has made, he has also played in one of – if not – the best tennis matches in history against his rival, Roger Federer. The game lasted for 4 hours and 48 minutes.

After selling his yacht, the Beethoven, Rafael Nadal once again spent some money off his credit card on a new craft – the boat was delivered to the tennis player just in time for his 34th birthday. The ship features a hot tub, a wet bar, a dining area, four cabins, a master cabin, and can accommodate up to 12 people.


Even among those who aren’t too familiar with what’s happening in the golfing world, Tiger Woods’ name’s mere mention is enough to spark the interest of people to the sport. Thanks to his father, who he also considers his best friend, Tiger Woods first experienced playing golf before he was even two years old. With his early start in the game, Tiger Woods soon became the youngest golf player ever to win the Grand Slam.

Woods stressed that as a golfer, the most important thing in career development is to keep it fun. Besides his well-developed skill in golf, his yacht, appropriately named Privacy, may be a good contender for second place among the many significant investments Tiger Woods has made in his life. Not only does it provide the golf player his well-deserved privacy, but the ship also features a large bar, a jacuzzi, and a gym.


Almost everyone knows about Leonardo DiCaprio and his remarkable dedication and commitment when it comes to acting. But outside of being an A-list actor, DiCaprio is a prominent environmentalist and philanthropist. In 2015, the actor spent some of his investment money to purchase an island in Belize and aims to make it an entirely eco-friendly and self-sustaining resort. The resort also has its own research facility made to solve the ever-growing issue of climate change.

Through the years, the actor has had his fair share of boat rides with fellow celebrities and millionaires. But in 2014, DiCaprio rented one of the most extravagant yachts in the world, the Topaz. The ship features a cinema, three swimming pools, a fitness hall, and an overall comfortable atmosphere for its passengers – an excellent choice for the actor.


One of the music industry’s best guitarists, Eric Clapton has been in the sight of the public for more than 50 years. Eric Clapton also has a deep concern for those around him. In 1998, after spending years overcoming his drug addiction, Eric Clapton made investments in a rehabilitation center named Crossroads. With the creation of the live-in center, the musician aims to provide the best service to everyone battling their addiction and has since made it a lifelong commitment.

In 2005, Eric Clapton decided to take a break from his music career by chartering the yacht, Va Bene. He loved the vessel so much that he eventually bought it from its previous owner. The ship’s interior design has Eric Clapton’s artistic touches spread all over it. Va Bene also features a Jacuzzi, exercise equipment, and flat-screen TVs that can make any film-enthusiast jump with joy and accommodate up to 12 guests.


Among the many iconic celebrities in the entertainment industry, it’s safe to say that Nicolas is one of the most famous internet figures. Throughout his career, Cage is often known for his acting credit in films like Ghost Rider, Con Air, The Rock, and the National Treasure films.Cage is one of the high-paid actors in Hollywood. With his ever-growing success, the actor has spent his fortune on many things, including two Bahamian islands, two albino cobras, and four yachts.

Among the four vessels, Nicolas Cage’s personal favorite was the Sarita. The ship provided everything its passengers needed for the best quality of comfort and accommodations to liven up the cruise experience, including two kayaks and water skis. Although the actor eventually sold his valuable yachts, it comes without a doubt that Nicolas Cage still cherishes the many moments he had on those floating cities.


Jerry Jones is the owner of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. Throughout his career, Jones has been known to apply an unorthodox work principle when it came to managing his team. Though that may be the case, Jones is a contributing factor to most of the Cowboys’ several victories in the NFL and raked a fortune out of the $170 million investments he made on the team – the Cowboys is now a franchise worth around $2.1 billion!

With the large sum of earnings he has accumulated through the years as the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones has more than enough to buy himself a yacht and named it Bravo Eugenia – saying the name almost feels like you’re congratulating Jones’ wife, Eugenia. If ever Jones wants to host a party, the luxury ship has a 30-person crew and can accommodate up to 14 guests.


Well-known for his hard-boiled persona as a judge for popular TV talent shows like The X-Factor and American Idol, Simon Cowell also has a softer side. One time, The X-Factor contestant, Honey G, received a massive amount of backlash from the show’s audience. And like the good guy he is, Simon defended Honey G, giving her credit for providing the show a fun and lively atmosphere thanks to her unique style. After all, what good is a critique if he never acknowledges the good side of things?

With the fortune he has earned as a talent show judge and TV show producer, Simon Cowell awarded himself and his family with a luxury yacht called the Slipstream. It can accommodate up to 12 guests and 15 crew members. This lovely ship features a deck jacuzzi, a gym, a fancy dining area, and a master suite reminiscent of a top-class hotel.


One of the best basketball players in NBA history is Michael Jordan. He learned how to slam and jam in the court, thanks to his father, who was also his first trainer. With his outstanding skill in the sport, Jordan earned himself a basketball scholarship that helped lessen the student loans for his college education. As his skills become more and more refined, Michael Jordan eventually made a name for himself worldwide as one of the best basketball players to ever grace the court.

Not only is Michael Jordan a fantastic basketball player, but he is also a successful businessman. Among the many luxury items he has purchased through the years includes his very own yacht, the amazing Mr. Terrible. The ship features a bar, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and an underwater camera, providing passengers access to witness what lies beneath the deep blue.


After his years as a lawyer had ended, Duker and his wife are also active philanthropists. Through the years, they have donated a fortune to a few universities and hospitals through their Bernard and Millie Children’s Foundation, which is named in memory of Bill’s parents. His net worth is estimated to exceed 300 million.

Now owned by the King of Morocco, Bill Duker once owned the yacht, Sybaris. Now carrying the name Badis I, the ship is most notable for the excellent choices made for its interior design, even winning a Best Interior award from the Monaco Yacht Show. Though not much is known about the ship’s many features and commodities, it is safe to say that this luxury cruise provides top-quality comfort and relaxation for its passengers, so much so that even a king wouldn’t pass the opportunity to have it.


After finishing his education with a master’s degree in business administration, Graeme Hart pursued a packaging business career. Hart has become notable for buying companies that received underwhelming financial returns throughout his career, only to transform them into more successful businesses. As a result, he has become one of the most powerful and wealthiest figures in New Zealand. He said he is not so keen on making money.

Though Graeme Hart prefers to keep away from making a public appearance as much as possible, the billionaire is well-known for spending his fortunes on luxurious items. Among the things he purchased includes this enormous beauty, the Ulysses. Like a mansion floating in the sea, the yacht features a helipad, a movie room, a gym, and can accommodate up to 30 guests with its 42-member crew. However, in 2017, Hart sold Ulysses to an unknown buyer, renaming the vessel Andromeda.


Bill Gates’ good friend since childhood, Paul Allen, was also the co-founder of Microsoft. With the investments he made on the company alongside Gates, Paul Allen became one of the many wealthy figures in his lifetime. Allen has invested billions of dollars in technology, industry, real estate, and media. And he is committed to charity.

Although Paul Allen passed away too soon in 2018, one of his properties, the yacht Octopus, has been placed to good use. The Octopus is one of the world’s largest ships, and features a helicopter hangar, a music recording studio, an observation lounge, a juice bar, a gym, a cinema, a medical center, and a hair salon – it’s even fancier than any five-star hotel in the world. From time to time, Allen’s estate loans out the Octopus for various purposes, like rescue missions, scientific research missions, and exploration projects.


Among the many significant figures in technology alongside Microsoft’s Bill Gates is Apple’s Steve Jobs. Besides founding the company that produces many of today’s sought-after devices like the iPhone and the MacBook, Steve Jobs has taken credit for contributing to the birth of Pixar, the animation studio responsible for many iconic films today like the Toy Story and Incredibles films, Inside Out, and Monster’s Inc.

For his yacht, Venus, Steve Jobs’ creative vision was a significant influence behind its interior and exterior designs and the technology installed for the ship’s passengers and crew – this included making the ship as quiet as it can ever be. Including seven 27-inch iMac computers is one of special features of the vessel.Though Jobs never got to see Venus set sail, his wife, Laurene Jobs, inherited the vessel and has since made the most out of it.


Among the many influential entrepreneurs today is Richard Branson. He has made countless investments in his life and for his company called Virgin, one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Among the other things he has spent his money on includes his massive car collection and his preparation for Virgin’s interplanetary transportation services – his entrepreneurship can soar up to infinity and beyond!

Not only does he have a medium of transportation for land and air, but Richard Branson also has one for the seas: a yacht – a beautiful one at that, too. Branson bought the Necker Belle and renovated it into the beautiful beast that it is today. The vessel features many swimming pools, a cinema, and many types of equipment like water skis, scuba diving gear, and paddleboards if its passengers feel like having some fun in the ocean.


One of Hollywood’s most powerful actors, Brad Pitt, can do just about anything – he was more than happy to have a cameo as an invisible character in Deadpool 2. Among the many notable films he starred in include Mr. and Mrs. Smith, World War Z, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

With his success as an actor and producer, Brad Pitt has earned more than enough to buy the yacht, Ghost II. And, like other celebrities, Pitt makes it a habit to stay away from the paparazzi to the degree that he installed a signal jammer on the boat’s hull, disabling any device near the ship from ever taking a picture of it. It goes to show that a person’s privacy is undoubtedly a vital part of their lives to relax, reflect, and prepare for what lies ahead.


Roman Abramovich is one of the few billionaires that started his life at the lowest of the low. But no matter how hard life pushed him down, Abramovich pushed back even harder. At a very young age, Roman Abramovich learned more than a handful of ways to make a living, eventually becoming the very foundations of his stairway to becoming a billionaire.Roman Abramovich bought real estate in many countries with his money. He also has a private customized aircraft called The Bandit. Its value is $1 billion.

After Abramovich sold his yacht, Ecstasea, to Justin Bieber, he purchased the beastly vessel, Eclipse. The ship is one of the finest examples of a property that provides top-quality comfort while also ensuring its passengers and crew’s safety. Besides its luxurious commodities like its guest cabins, two swimming pools, and disco hall, the Eclipse also features security tighter than any high-profile figure’s home security system.


Before becoming the billionaire he is today, James Packer once worked at his father’s farmland, taking care of its livestock after graduating high school. After experiencing how hard it is to establish a stable way of living at a young age, Packer developed a sense of determination that is most apparent with his work principles and ethics. Over the years, Packer has made many investments for various businesses and eventually became one of Australia’s richest figures.

After his father’s unfortunate passing, James Packer inherited many of his properties, including a yacht. The ship called Arctic P. can house 22 guests and features 11 cabins, a helipad, an amphitheater, a Jacuzzi, and a swimming pool – more than enough to entertain his visitors throughout their cruise. As it has a helipad on its deck, Arctic P. can hold a private helicopter too.


Now one of Russia’s most prosperous, Alisher Usmanov developed his business’s foundations before even receiving his degree from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations. And after one successful business venture after another, Usmanov even reached a point in his career where he was among the UK’s top-10 wealthiest people. As of 2020, Usmanov’s net worth is $16 billion.He is also an active member of many NGOs and corporate executive agencies. He attaches great importance to charity, art, science and sports. For several years, Alisher Usmanov served as the chairman of the International Fencing Federation.

With his heap pile of fortunes, buying a yacht is as easy as getting out of bed for Usmanov. The Dilbar features a pool, a cinema, a hospital room, a sauna, and has a 47-member crew to accommodate up to 16 passengers. However, in 2018, the ship was sold to the Royal Family of Bahrain and renamed Raya, with whom it will set sail for another adventure.


A billionaire who twice surpassed Amazon’s Jeff Bezos from the Number 1 spot for the World’s Richest, Bernard Arnault is the chief executive and chairman of LVMH. The company produces high-quality products and is now well-known in several countries – a vast majority of Japan’s population owns a Luis Vuitton product. In order to make LVMH become the world’s No. 1 luxury goods group, he acquired brands such as C é line, Kenzo, and Fendi. Bernard Arnault is an art collector who has sponsored many influential art exhibitions and set up the LVMH Young Designer Award.

With his hard-earned success through each year, Bernard Arnault has enough to buy himself a yacht. His floating abode, Symphony, can compete with similar-sized ships’ speed while relying on 30% less gas than them, making it much friendlier to the environment. For its passengers, Symphony features a six-meter swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, an outdoor theater, an alfresco bar, and an elegantly designed interior that can make anyone feel like royalty.


One of music’s most iconic artists of all time, Elton John, is a musician who has influenced many aspiring artists thanks to the many timeless classics. In recent years, he has reduced the number of world tour concerts. He announced that he would spend more time with his family. Besides his talents, Elton John is also well-known for the various fancy glasses he wears on stage to the degree that rumors began spreading that he would need several hotel rooms to store his vast collection of optic frames. No doubt, he didn’t see that story coming.

It comes with no surprise that Elton John eventually earned enough to buy himself a yacht. The Wabi Sabi is the musician’s favorite go-to getaway whenever he wants to take a break from his music career. The ship features a 50-inch wide plasma TV in its entertainment center, a Jacuzzi, a gym, and eight rooms to accommodate up to twelve guests.


Johnny Depp is well-known for the bizarre roles he had for films like Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The actor is a lively ball of electricity for his co-stars whenever they take a break from filming. Besides being a good companion to his co-stars, Johnny Depp is an overall good guy. He once thanked the hospital that treated his daughter’s E. coli infection by donating a generous sum of $1.28 million – he also visited the child patients as Jack Sparrow and spent hours talking with them.

Johnny Depp once owned the Vajoliroja. The ship had a bohemian and a subtle pirate motif behind its design and features a cinema, a library of video games to play, and ample space for passengers to relax and savor the moment. The ship is a relaxing and opulent expression of his personal style.


Like many others, David Geffen started his career in the entertainment industry at the bottom. Geffen’s first few months were spent in William Morris Agency’s mailroom before he finally got the opportunity to make investments on the record labels, Asylum Records and Geffen Records. Soon after, Geffen and visionary director Steven Spielberg founded the now-famous DreamWorks studio.

He is passionate about luxury real estate. He owns one of the most expensive apartments in New York. He also sold his $165 million house to Jeff Bezos. The Rising Sun is a beautifully made cruise ship that David Geffen had partial ownership with Larry Ellison. But after some time, Geffen couldn’t help but to buy the yacht entirely – which he did. The ship features a basketball court and helipad, a wine cellar, a spa, a sauna, a gym, and can accommodate up to 18 passengers with its nine cabins and 45 crew members for the entirety of their stay.


One of the film industry’s most recognized filmmakers, Steven Spielberg, has released a handful of well-loved films throughout his four-decade career. At two points, Spielberg has declined the role of director for the James Bond films. The first time was because he lacked experience, the second was when he became too successful to the degree that he was deemed unaffordable.

With a net worth of $3.7 billion, Spielberg is one of the richest filmmakers in the world. Spielberg’s creative vision isn’t only bound to films. His yacht, the Seven Seas, was custom built to satisfy the filmmaker’s standards for luxury and comfort. Though this luxurious floating dream house features an infinity pool, a cinema, a gym, and many other amenities, Steven Spielberg is already planning to sell it as he now has his sights on an even bigger yacht. If a successful figure like Steven Spielberg still strives for greater heights, then so should we.


Before he received widespread fame from his career as an artist and producer, Sean “Diddy” Combs started in one of the many humble beginnings a person can have. Before he began his music career, Combs once worked as a doorman for the Marriott Hotel to help him with his home and personal loans. It’s safe to say that the experience became one of the many significant factors that helped mold Combs to be the person he is today. In addition to music, he also dabbles in the fashion design industry.

With his hard-earned fortunes, Diddy eventually accumulated enough to buy himself a yacht, the Maraya. The ship’s design projects a different atmosphere for each of its areas like its calm and peaceful living area, which features books for passengers to read, and its top deck is called the “party floor,” which resembles the classiest of nightclubs.


Among the world’s wealthiest figures, Elena Ambrosiadou achieved the millionaire status thanks to the contributions she made with the company, IKOS Asset Management. With the company, Ambrosiadou helps manage its funds while following an effective trading strategy that is beneficial for all parties involved in their business. In 2004, she paid more than 26 million in salary for herself, which made her known as “The Highest Paid Woman in Britain”.

With her ever-growing fortune, Elena Ambrosiadou has made quite a collection of vehicles through the years. Besides having her own private jet, Ambrosiadou also owns a yacht, the Maltese Falcon. The vessel was designed not to use as much gas as other ships while only needing a few crew members. One of the largest sailing yachts in the world, the Maltese Falcon, can house 12 guests thanks to its six cabins and features transparent floors, utilizing natural light as much as possible.


At a very young age, Cristiano Ronaldo has shown a tremendous amount of passion for the sport. For his kick-start towards becoming a professional player, Ronaldo often gives credit to his long-time childhood friend, Albert Fantrau, for helping him get a spot in the academy from Sporting. And from there on out, Ronaldo’s path to glory was as good as words etched in stone, and become one of the greatest superstars in the history of world football

Eventually, Ronaldo bought himself a yacht, the Aya London. Like the football player, Aya London is a speedy vessel, topping at speeds of 28 knots. The ship features five luxury cabins, two relaxation areas, a fancy dining room, and a lounge. With the ship’s design providing an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, Aya London is, without a doubt, a fitting getaway cruise for Ronaldo and his family.


One of the world’s wealthiest figures today, Larry Ellison, is also the co-founder and CEO of Oracle. But before the company became what it is today, Oracle first went under the name Software Development Laboratories, which Ellison started with only $1,200 of investment money. Fortunately, after all the risky decisions he has made through the years, Larry Ellison’s career bore great results for him.

He is a sports fan and once won a world sailing championship. Besides being a licensed pilot who owns two military jets and the entire Hawaiian island Lanai, Larry Ellison also claims ownership over a yacht, the Musashi. And with the origin of the ship’s name, the Musashi’s décor is heavily influenced by Japanese art. This luxury cruise features a pool, an indoor and outdoor gym, a spa, a movie theater, and an elevator for fast navigations around the vessel.


Before pursuing his work as a businessman, Philip Green first studied the ins and outs of the business by traveling around Europe, the United States, and the Far East. Upon returning, he started his first business with a little help from his family, supporting him with his work and personal loans. After a handful of business ventures through the years, Philip Green reached billionaire status, gaining a net worth of $2.2 billion as of 2020.

It comes with no surprise that Philip Green easily got his hands on the ship, Lionheart, the billionaire’s third yacht. The interior is designed by Tina Green and Mingarelli. The yacht can accommodate 12 guests and a 30-member crew. And among the many visitors Green has entertained in the ship include the famous football player, Cristiano Ronaldo – they played table tennis during the visit.


Among today’s iconic fashion designers include the famous duo, Dolce & Gabbana. Through the years, the pair have made their works more and more recognizable to the degree that even the Queen of Pop, Madonna, requested them to make her costumes for her The Girlie Show tour. Other celebrities who are big fans of their products include Angelina Jolie and Monica Bellucci. Rather than leading the trend, they advocate focusing on creating the best and most dazzling clothes.

For their yacht, the duo owns the very fashionable Regina d’Italia – Italian for “Queen of Italy.” The luxury vessel features a gym and various sources of entertainment like a water slide in case the fashion duo and their guests feel like having a little fun swimming on the ocean. The ship also has specially designed cabins that can surely please its guests, who are, more often than not, celebrities and models.


Dennis Washington is among the many wealthy businessmen in the world thanks to his Washington Companies, where he has made investments for various businesses that range from marine services to railways – including the largest private railroad in America, Montana Rail Link Inc.

Like other high-profile figures who love to travel the world in style and luxury, Dennis Washington bought himself the Collision. The ship can accommodate up to 28 passengers with its 14 cabins and can reach speeds of 22.6 knots. In 2012, Bill Gates chartered Collision for his family vacation to Belize. In recent news, Collision is being rebuilt, turning it into a more durable vessel that can further ensure the safety of its passengers throughout their luxury cruise. Now he owns four ships, which may seem to be many, but he said that he could not give up any of them.


After graduating with a degree from John Hopkins University in 1976, Eric Schmidt pursued a career as a software engineer and businessman. Over the years, Schmidt has shared his expertise with many companies, helping their businesses reach greater heights of success – among these include Google and Bell Labs. He is also the co-founder of Innovation Endeavors, a venture capital firm that has invested in Uber, SoFi, and Zymergen.

With the ever-growing fortune Schmidt earned over the years, the billionaire undoubtedly deserves a break from time to time. For that, Eric Schmidt purchased the Oasis. The luxury yacht can accommodate up to twelve guests with its six cabins and features a Jacuzzi, a gym, and a barbecue area. For its disco floor, passengers need not worry about the vessel rocking against the beat because the Oasis also comes with stabilizers installed on its anchors for a guaranteed smooth sailing.


With her fame rising from her acting credit as Pepper Potts in the recent Marvel movies, Gwyneth Paltrow was born and raised to a family of actors and actresses – among her godparents includes the director Steven Spielberg. Besides acting as Tony Stark’s wife, the actress has also gained widespread acclaim for her roles in films like Se7en, Proof, and Shakespeare in Love. For her acting career, she is very strict with herself and keeps her figure by practicing yoga. No wonder her figure has always been so attractive.

Though she has earned a fortune thanks to her many films winning at the box office, Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t bought her own yacht yet. Even so, the actress would often frequent the charter yacht, the Silolona, with her family. The last time Paltrow used this vessel was when she and her family set its sails for Myanmar and Indonesia.


One of the music industry’s famous figures, Rihanna is an artist who has worked for most of her life to get to where she is today. During her childhood years, Rihanna would sometimes buy candy, repack it, and sell it to her classmates in school to earn some money to help her parents with their home and personal loans. Eventually, when her talent for singing was discovered by none other than Jay-Z, Rihanna’s road to stardom was within her grasps.

After all her hard work and determination, Rihanna eventually got her hands on the superyacht, Latitude, which interior is contemporary Art Deco style. The ship has more than enough commodities to entertain its passengers, including its mesmerizing glass walls and ceiling mirrors, a Jacuzzi, a spacious living area, and also has diving and snorkeling equipment in case they feel like going for a little swim.


Among Russia’s wealthiest includes the businessman, Andrei Skoch, who has made investments for companies like Lebedinsky Mining and USM Holdings, reaping bountiful fortunes in the process. Before joining billionaire Alisher Usmanov’s metallurgical business, he worked at Montazh SpetsBank. He also sponsored a literary competition for young writers.

With all he has earned through the years, Skoch has purchased many properties for his family. This includes a house in Sochi, London, and Cote D’Azur. For transportation, Skoch has a 90-million-dollar private jet, the Airbus A319, and the beautiful floating vessel, Madame Gu, one of the largest yachts built in the Netherlands. It also won the Superyacht of the Year award in 2014. Besides the ship’s gorgeous exterior and interior design, it features a lovely living area for Skoch and his family to relax in and a squash court that can also function as a helicopter hangar.


A businessman who reached his way to the top through hard work and an immense amount of determination in his gas tank is Andrey Melnichenko. He was raised to make the best for himself and help his country, Russia. After first working in the banking and finance sectors, Melnichenko later contributed to the chemical and metallurgy industry, instantly skyrocketing his income. And for his efforts in Russia’s working sectors, Melnichenko received an award from their president for his good deeds and charitable works.

In 2017, Melnichenko finally received his very own yacht, Sailing Yacht A. Though not much is known about the vessel’s commodities, Sailing Yacht A can accommodate 20 guests with its 54-member crew and is more than capable of carrying a submarine – in case the billionaire and his passengers feel like seeing what lurks underneath the deep blue.


Lawrence Stroll is an entrepreneur who has taken credit for bringing the then-unknown Tommy Hilfiger fashion brand to worldwide recognition. Stroll’s first business experience was when he was 15 years old, working for his father’s clothing business, mostly catering to children. Eventually, when Stroll pursued a new business venture with Tommy Hilfiger, the two started their clothing business, gradually growing its popularity and becoming a successful brand.

Among the many things Lawrence Stroll has acquired over the years is his massive collection of Ferraris and his superyacht Faith. With the yacht’s design provided by Chahan Interior Design, who also worked on Stroll’s other houses, Faith is like a floating home for the entrepreneur. Formerly named Fortunato, the ship can accommodate up to 18 guests and a 34-member crew. Furthermore, it features a glass-bottom swimming pool and a helicopter hangar. Its top speed is 17 knots.


Jackie Chan is an actor dedicated to keeping his action set-pieces as real as possible that he always does his own stunts, no matter how insane they tend to be. Because of this, many insurance companies decline to insure Jackie Chan and his team because their stunts were too dangerous. But due to the actor’s commitment to making fun and entertaining films, Jackie Chan has made a big name for himself worldwide.

For his journey across the seas, Jackie Chan has his superyacht, Jinlong. With its many wide windows, Jinlong provides its passengers with a beautiful view of the ocean. The vessel also features four bedrooms with king-sized beds, a sun deck, a movie theater, a sauna, and a karaoke room – just in case Jackie and his passengers feel like singing a few songs.The word “JinLong” can be seen at the front in gold letters, which makes the yacht easy to identify.

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