Star-Studded Voyagers: Celebrities And Their Yachts


One of the most popular celebrities and talk show hosts, Oprah Winfrey, has gone through quite a journey to achieve where she is today. Before her star was even shining, Oprah struggled through many hardships for most of her childhood, often working to earn a decent amount to pay for her personal loans. And after all her hard work, Oprah’s career shone brighter and the rest, as they say, is history.

Oprah Winfrey has spent a hefty amount of it for charity programs with her hard-earned fortunes and even gave her show’s crew a vacation in Hawaii at one point. But the TV personality also saved some for herself and bought a $300-million-dollar yacht named Trending. Although Oprah owns it, she allows other people to use Trending for a weekly rent of $210,000.