Who Among Your Favorite Celebrities Have The Most Kids

Clint Eastwood | 8 Children

Clint Eastwood is one of Hollywood’s greatest actors in the Western film industry and has become a living icon for many actors looking to pursue a career in the same genre. If his already successful career wasn’t enough, he has also been blessed with a beautiful, talented set of children. Clint has a total of eight children who are all successful individuals in their own fields to some degree:

Kimber Lynn Eastwood is a film producer and make-up artist, Kyle Eastwood is a successful bass musician with numerous songs already featured in his father’s films, Alison Eastwood is an actress/producer and model, Scott Eastwood is an actor and probably the most famous among the Eastwood children, Kathryn Eastwood is an actress and writer, Francesca Eastwood is a model/actress, Morgan Eastwood is the youngest and has also appeared in her father’s films, Laurie Eastwood is the only non-celebrity among the 8 children and probably has her reasons for staying away from the entertainment business.