Celebs Who Turned Their Backs on Hollywood to Work Regular Jobs

Ali McGraw | Yoga Advocate

Golden Globe winner Ali McGraw was quite famous back in the ‘60s. She was nominated for a number of awards, too. McGraw appeared in movies like Players and Natural Causes, as well as in various TV shows, including China Rose and Dynasty. The actress then took a six-year hiatus at the time her career was on the rise. This move effectively slowed her down, but she had other things in mind, such as animal activism, so she did not mind at all.

McGraw then went on to pursue one passion of hers, yoga. This started in the ‘50s, but finally, she was able to establish a yoga practice. She also collaborated with American yoga master Erich Schiffmann in producing a video on the subject, which is available in online stores. McGraw has been given credit for influencing people on the practice and popularizing yoga in the US.