Celebs Who Turned Their Backs on Hollywood to Work Regular Jobs

Daniel Day-Lewis | Cobbler

English actor Daniel Day-Lewis started his career and excelled on stage at the National Youth Theatre. Afterward, he was accepted at the British Old Vic Theatre School and studied there for three years. Throughout his career, Lewis is one of the most selective actors in the industry who only starred in six films since 1998, with over a five-year interval between roles. Lewis rarely granted interviews and seldom made public appearances. In 1984, the actor made his first film appearance in The Bounty and gained recognition for his performance in My Beautiful Laundrette the following year.

Over the years, Lewis was credited with several awards and accolades, including three Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, four BAFTA Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards. After the completion of the film Phantom Thread in 2017, the multi-awarded actor retired from the entertainment industry. Moreover, there was a time in his life when Lewis worked as a cobbler in Florence under the tutelage of the late Italian shoemaker Stefano Bemer.