The World’s Richest Personalities And Their Jaw-dropping Net Worth

Ron Howard | Filmmaker | $200 Million

He is known as one of the best directors, actors, and producers, all rolled into one. Before he became a globally renowned director, Ron Howard first rose to fame through The Andy Griffith Show as a child star. The successful sitcom didn’t just turn him into a household name, it provided him with an opportunity to transition into directing as an adult. His directorial debut was the low-budget comedy movie Grand Theft Auto, which he co-wrote with his father. Humble as this was, he would eventually get his big break with the film Night Shift, featuring some of the famous artists at the time, such as Michael Keaton and Shelley Long.

Today, his movies have grossed millions worldwide and also won numerous nominations and awards. He is also the co-chairman of Imagine Entertainment. Together with his wife Cheryl they have investments in multiple real estate properties across the United States.