Beyond the Big Screen: A Look Into Celebrity Homes

Pat Sajak | Born 1946
$1.28 Million – Severna Park, Maryland

Before becoming the face of the famous TV show Wheels of Fortune, Pat Sajak used to live in poverty. However, because of sheer commitment and determination, Pat did not succumb to this adversity and studied hard to escape this fate. Pat enlisted in the United States National army during the conflict in Vietnam as a radio host which would later on pave his way to becoming an anchor and weatherman for NBC after he was discharged. In 1983, his talent for engaging crowds was given due recognition when NBC assigned him to host Wheels of Fortune; this momentous event would eventually turn his life around.

The renowned TV host has been residing in a Maryland mansion since 1991. The estate is located in a well-guarded are of Maryland but it goes without saying that with his vast earnings, his house must be high-gated, brick-lined, and is surrounded by a round-the-clock home security system.