Revisiting The Stars Of The Past – Celebrities That We All Grown To Love And What They Are Up To Now


Just like her father Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra also became a superstar in both the film and the music industry. Whenever people hear her song These Boots Are Made for Walkin, we are certain that she’s the one who comes into our minds. Sinatra also lent one of her singles as the theme song of a James Bond movie. She pretty much became as famous as her father in terms of success in the industry and just like old people say – like father, like daughter.

Sinatra also showed no signs of going into bankruptcy, so kudos for her in that regard! Sinatra also had a short acting career in the mid-1960s, including co-starring Elvis Presley in movie Speedway and Peter Fonda in The Wild Angels. In Marriage on the Rock, Frank and Nancy Sinatra played a fictional father and daughter.