The Top 10+ Funniest Signs That People Spent Good Money On

Throughout our lives, we encounter countless signs, most of which are mundane but useful. From the ubiquitous “Stop” and “Crosswalk” to “No Parking” signs, along with various advertisements and billboards, these markers punctuate our daily landscapes.

This compilation celebrates the more unusual signs that aren’t part of our everyday scenery. Spanning the spectrum from the odd to the unsettling to the outright comical, it’s fascinating to see the creativity unleashed by a questionable concept and a trip to hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Parking Prohibited?

It sounds like parking in this area is technically prohibited, but the signage may not be clear or effective enough to convey that message properly. Capturing a photo of the confusing sign could indeed serve as evidence in a court case, though it might not guarantee a win. The argument would likely focus on the importance of clear communication through properly designed signage.

Regardless of the sign’s clarity, the presence of car-scratching barbed wire purchased from Lowe’s effectively deters anyone from parking too close. While some might risk parking on the less hazardous side of the sign, the potential cost of repairing damage from the barbed wire—up to $500 for buffing out scratches—serves as a strong deterrent against parking in the area.